Campus Rep App

Who are We: Dressmate is a web platform allowing college girls to share and borrow business and going-out clothing in order to have access to other girl’s closets at a cheaper cost and get to know other girls on your campus.

How it Works: Brands have been divided into three tiers with associated costs for a three day rental: $5 for a tier 1 rental, $10 for a tier 2 rental, and $15 for a tier 3 rental. Dressmate takes a commission on each transaction.

What We Want: Georgetown is our first campus that we’re launching at, which means the inaugural class of campus representatives are integral to our success not only here, but across the country. We are looking for dynamic, fashion-oriented, social media savvy and energetic individuals to join our team. Aside from a mandatory pre-launch meeting, your work for Dressmate will be flexible and no more than a few hours every week. As a rep, you will upload 10 items of clothing and get compensated for each student you refer. Other perks will include a t-shirt, photoshoot opportunities, and a fancier profile.